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Introduction: RSS Feeds

RSS feeds make keeping your website up-to-date easier than ever before. RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") feeds are self-updating pieces of web content that change frequently. In the ever-changing world of benefits and compliance, New Benefits uses RSS feeds to distribute the most recent product descriptions and savings examples to clients' websites.

This means less work for you and better information for your customers.

The RSS feed uses a series of open and closed "tags" to define content within the feed. The RSS feeds we generate surround each category and content section with the <item> and </item> tags. In between item tags are tags for each of the item's attributes, such as name, data, displayas, id, parentid, level, dateadded, and any image associated with the item. As with any RSS feed, these are all enclosed within a <rss> tag and <channel> tag.

There are three main methods to implement RSS feeds on a website:

  • Post
  • Javascript
  • Link

View more on these methods in out Implementation section.

By utilizing a Content Management System, New Benefits provides its clients with links to feeds specific to their benefits.

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