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There are three methods of implementing New Benefits RSS feeds into your site, each with strengths and weaknesses:

  • Post Method
    By utilizing an HTTP: Post tool or script, the RSS feed is embedded onto a page before the page loads on a browser, and appears in the same style as the rest your webpage (via CSS), It can be refreshed with each page view and indexed by search engines bots. This method is more complicated and requires a more advanced understanding of web programming.

  • Javascript Method
    Scripts can be inserted within any given page for a somewhat easy implementation that appears in the same style as your website. The drawbacks include both dependency on clients having Javascript enabled and search engines unable to detect the RSS feed on your site.

  • Link Method
    Certainly the easiest method, links can be used to open the iFrame link or Multi-feed link in a new window or within an iFrame on your page. The only drawback is that the look and feel of the RSS feed may not match your site.
    Please note: Embedding RSS feeds does not currently work within a Flash environment. The link method is the only method currently available for all-Flash clients.

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