New Benefits RSS

Implementation: Link Method

There are two ways to use the Link method to implement New Benefits RSS feeds onto virtually any site:

  1. iFrame Link
    By using the iFrame tag <iframe>, you can open a "window" inside your website to another page, in this case, an RSS feed page. By defining the source of the iFrame(src) as the iFrame link in the Content Manager, your window can display the General Information section for any one of your benefits. An example of an iFrame link code would be:

    <iframe src="//" width="500" height="500" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0" ></iframe>
  2. New Window Link
    Instead of an iFrame, you can always simply open the RSS feed page with a standard anchor tag <a> that targets a new window. An example of a new window link code would be:

    <a href="//" target="_blank">Click Here</a>

Note: You can also use the Multi-Feed link instead of the iFrame link.
By removing the "http:" from the link, the browser will use the same protocol as your host page, http or https, respectively.

For more examples, please visit the Examples section.

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